World Builder - A Farcaster Jacket

The initial state of this jacket is fabric.

This open edition evolves as the jacket evolves. With the input of our team & Farcaster community, till reaching a final form. In that moment, the edition will close, and the final NFT will represent its resting form. A wearable jacket.

Then on, it'll exist within our culture and our spaces - physically and digitally.

Let's build a jacket.

  • The first physical form of this jacket will be presented at @FarCon in Boston, Jun 10-11, 2023.
  • Buying this NFT grants you a token gated experience on all future moments related to the World Builder jacket. E.g. vote count, app & early purchase access.
  • This token does not represent the purchase of the actual jacket.

For those wanting to see the prop submitted: