Blitkin Base

Blitkin Base is the next generation of on-chain, composable artworks inspired by the art and world of Blitmap.

17 artists, returning and new, have collaborated to bring you the children of the original Blitkin, along with all-new pieces and groundbreaking on-chain animated rares.

The Blitkin are self-replicating meme complexes that travel across chainspace, changing form to suit whatever blockchain they inhabit. With the creation of the L2 Base blockchain, we have develeoped the technology to allow you to steer the formation of Blitkin that settle here. Each Blitkin that enters the Base chain will be carefully measured and mixed by the minter.

All Blitkin pieces are registered under the CC0 license and are part of our shared public domain. Being on-chain, they will live as long as the Base blockchain persists.

Collection size: 3870