AD1E Binary Gateway

"Everything starts and stops with this binary feeling. Let it grow and it will grow on you."

< Let the game begin > Phase 1_Minting 10100 Gateways @ 0.01ETH. (Membership) Phase 2_Free Claim Art^10 series worth xETH. (Ten Art pieces) Phase 3_Collect and Burn All 10 pieces of the Art^10 series to Earn a Limited Edition Art Piece. (Reward) Phase 4_Will be shared with 100 limited edition art piece holders.

< The game pattern you should see now is as follows > 10100 1010 100 10 Will you be the One1?

(About Me) Hey, I am Artdapp a Web3 Strategist + Edition Artist. In the past 10+ years, I have been a creative strategist working with top creative agencies, and within the startup ecosystem. For the last few years, I have been actively participating in web3 and understanding value creation in this space.

My truth about web3 is we are in this "perpetual mode of experimentation" and in the process, people (supporters that become communities) who participate in these experimentations are generating disproportionate value for themselves. We are among less than 1% of the population on the internet who is moving the internet forward into the future. It's worth taking a moment and digesting this "binary truth", and celebrating our rarity!!

Another binary truth is, web3 has replaced powerful brokers who decide on the value and web3 has given control back to the hands of the supporters to create disproportionate value for themselves as well as for the artists. Artists are for the first time directly engaging with supporters at scale.

(About My Art Style) I have a clean and minimalist art style. Philosophy and experimenting with hidden messages are the themes that I like to explore, and this reflects in my work. To me, art is a medium to spread messages and generate value.

#1EB is the gateway into my world of thoughtful and strategic artwork that generates value for supporters. I invite you to join this journey to explore interesting strategies to generate shared value.

(Art^10 Series) "Art^10" is a series of ten unique art pieces in this collection that will be available for a free claim each with a floor price of xETH for the Gateway holders. Hint - (Art^10 Theme) "Forces that kick ass are all invisible."

#1st drop - first batch 1010 #2nd drop - second batch 2020...so on and so forth until #10th drop - tenth batch 10100.

------- Important ------- Do not miss reading this --------

(0) Opened for a limited time only. The minting will be paused/closed as soon as the 10100th token is minted. :: Tokens 10101+ won't be valid. (1) You can mint a maximum of 2 #1EB Gateway per wallet. (2) However, please remember, the free claim of the Art^10 series will be done per unique wallet irrespective of the total minting per unique wallet. (3) Feel free to not play the game if you just like the art and want to retain them. (4) #1EB Gateway and Art^10 pieces are first and foremost collector's art pieces. (5) #1EB may become burnable to something #2E something (6) Only mint #1EB if you like the Art and the idea behind it. (7) Follow me @artdapp1 for announcements on what's next. (8) I encourage you to spread the word 1:1 to keep our community clean and familiar. (9) Please participate responsibly. This is good art to collect, not a piece of investment advice. (10) After minting, fill in this google form - click here, so I can invite you for Phase 2: Claim. It will be announced soon.

Note - Gateway artwork is designed for a 4k verticle digital display. Go ahead and show off.